Introducing SpectroLink™

SpectroLink™ connects to your UV-VIS spectrophotometer and acquires, analyzes and extracts results in one easy workflow via the online platform SpectroWorks™.

Easy plug and play instrument connectivity.

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Spectrophotometers are important instruments in laboratories. However, collection, storage and sharing of data can be a tedious manual task which takes up valuable time.

SpectroLink™ simplifies your spectrophotometer workflow to a three step process allowing you to quickly acquire, analyze and extract results. No more time wasted on trouble with file formats, data transfer or sharing results.
Together with SpectroWorks™, SpectroLink™ solves this problem by effortlessly connecting instruments to your browser and analyzing the data, so you can focus on the work.

Acquire. Analyze. Extract.



Acquire, analyze, extract results

  • Improved productivity with faster workflow from acquiring data to extracting results.

No installation required

  • All major UV-VIS spectrophotometer brands supported seamlessly out of the box.

Guaranteed 5 years of data

  • SpectroLink™ includes 5 years of free smart connectivity to your instrument.

Designed for people

  • Easy to use and compatible with multiple users and team collaborations.



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