Data safety and security in SpectroWorks™

Here you can find more about the security of your data.

Updated: 2023-06-21, Author(s): EMIHO, VINIR

We care for your data and privacy

SpectroWorks™ offers exceptional reliability for analytical laboratories and is based on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS's robust global infrastructure provides high uptime, ensuring that our service is available to customers at all times. We are confident in the security measures and resilient data backup systems provided by AWS, which keep your data secure. Furthermore, AWS's consistent updates strengthen our confidence in its long-term reliability. At cphnano, we trust AWS for hosting SpectroWorks™, and we remain committed to providing our customers with the best service possible.


Copenhagen Nanosystems ApS (cphnano) has no access to customer data. 

You can learn more about the security and data storage here.