NanoCuvette™ One - Data sheet

Data sheet for NanoCuvette™ One

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Product description 

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Product description:

NanoCuvette™ One measures refractive index and absorbance of the same sample, using a standard spectrophotometer and the free NanoCuvette™ software.


Product characteristics 

Number of optical sides:                       4

Path length:                                             10.0 mm

Supported beam heights:                      8.5-15.0 mm

Min. absorbance wavelength:               300 nm

Refractive index wavelength :               589 nm



Min. sample volume:                              2.4 mL

Max. sample volume:                             4.0 mL

Outer dimensions:                                  12x12x45 mm


Materials and colors 

Cuvette body material:                          PMMA/Acrylic

Color of cuvette body:                           Transparent

Optical filter materials:                          Proprietary

Optical filter colors:                                Iridescent


Purity and certification 

Product in accordance with MDD or IVDD

                   No marking necessary

CE certification

                   No CE marking


Figure 1. Dimensional drawing of NanoCuvette™ One seen from the side. All dimensions are in mm.


Type of packaging         Box

Pcs. per box                    10

Depth of box                   91 mm

Width of box                   113 mm

Height of box                  61 mm

Weight of box                 0.07 KG



Figure 2. Each NanoCuvette™ One is calibrated and registered in the free Nano Cuvette™ software. The identification is laser engraved on the outer surface of the cuvette.


Figure 3. Absorbance spectrum for the cuvette, in air and water.


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