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The NanoCuvette™ One expands the capabilities of an UV-VIS spectrophotometer to include quantification via refractive index for QC, kinetics and 0.5 µL sample measurements.

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Welcome to a different company

Our mission is to lower the laboratory entry-barrier for our customers to enable healthy and safe living for everyone. At cphnano, we also strive to help where we can in achieving the United Nations Global Development Goals. In addition to research and industrial applications, we work on upgrading low-cost water testing and science education to encourage curiosity and raise global possibilities. When you buy from us, you help us upgrade existing low-cost infrastructure in rural India by deploying state-of-the-art technology where it is needed the most.


Why choose NanoCuvette™ One?

Now you can reliably measure concentrations and kinetics label-free in a standard spectrophotometer without expensive calibration standards and use the SpectroWorks™ software to automatically analyze the results in seconds.

  • All-round solution 

Excellent for QC, kinetics, and label-free concentrations of a wide range of samples.


  • Affordable analysis

Based on semi-disposable PMMA cuvette, reusable for low-cost measurements.


  • Fits your instrument

All major UV-VIS spectrophotometer brands are supported out of the box.


  • Designed for people

Results independent of cleaning, pipetting errors and transcription mistakes.


Technical Details

The optical filter inside the cuvette consists of nano-scale photonic crystals with a light guiding measurement principle similar to Surface Plasmon Resonances (SPR). Both the absorbance spectrum and the refractive index of the sample can be analyzed.
  • Powerful performance

Combined surface refractive index range 1.0 – 1.6 nD and absorbance at 300-1100 nm.


  • 0.5 μL / 2 mL samples

Both 0.5 μL and 2 mL measurements with one product in UV-VIS instruments.


  • Unique ID

Each cuvette is marked for traceability and access to online calibration data.


  • Made in Denmark

Danish nanotechnology manufactured under the highest quality standards



The most advanced UV-VIS spectrum analysis to date

Cloud computing software to analyze spectra, automatically extract results, save information in the built-in lab notebook system and export reports

< 5.0 s analysis time per sample


Your data is handled reliably, privately and securely by proven technology.


When every drop of protein counts

Proteins can be expensive and cost up to 20.000 €/mg. Therefore, we have developed a method that only uses a minimum of protein to determine 2-400 mg/mL concentrations.You can now measure low volume 0.5 μL protein samples at low cost in seconds using a conventional spectrophotometer by dispensing a droplet and flattening it on the optical filter of NanoCuvette™ One. This method enables quick undiluted measurements of relevant static parameters with the lowest sample volume of any solution on the market today.

Simple and accessible analysis

We are a Danish labtech company that develops digital laboratory analysis and diagnostics based on the latest technology. We believe that laboratory analysis should be a simple and accessible global commodity for everyone. We help our customers accelerate life sciences research, solve complex analytical challenges, and increase laboratory productivity based on affordable instruments. Through our premier brands – NanoCuvette™, SpectroLink™and SpectroWorks™ – we offer an unmatched integration between innovative nanotechnology, IoT convenience and comprehensive cloud computing services


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