Do you have a short product guide for NanoCuvette™ One?

NanoCuvette™ One: Semi-disposable cuvette consumable with an integrated nanotechnology optical chip for accurate and fast liquid analysis.


Description: NanoCuvette™ One replaces traditional micro-volume spectrophotometers, refractometers etc. and offers advanced features such as refractive index, protein, enzyme, and microvolume measurements, replacing the need for expensive instruments such as Nanodrop.

Is it relevant for me? You work with a UV-Vis spectrophotometer, but are lacking a micro-volume instrument such as NanoDrop, mySPEC (VWR), etc., or a refractometer.

What are relevant samples? Protein analysis, chemical concentration measurements, colorless reaction monitoring.

Where is this applicable? Academia, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemical industry, food, academic research.

What could be the current challenges I am facing in the lab?

  • Do you currently use a spectrophotometer for liquid analysis or absorbance measurements?
  • Are you facing challenges with sample preparation or dilution?
  • Are you interested in measuring small volumes without investing in a separate micro-volume instrument?

Why should I consider this solution?

  • Enhanced efficiency and accuracy in liquid analysis.
  • Cost savings through a reduced need for additional micro-volume instruments.
  • Compatibility with existing UV-Vis spectrophotometers.

Can you provide some customer examples?

  • A customer that needed to quantify colorless enzyme reactions to test for compounds in water samples.
  • A customer interested in control of sugar and honey quality in relation to food fraud investigations.
  • A customer needing to do micro-volume protein measurements in research for testing drug doses, especially for high concentration samples where traditional methods often are not linear.
  • A customer that needed to know the refractive index of small amounts of molecular imprinted polymers to verify that the optical properties used in the calculation of size and yield in the production were correct.

What are the key features?

  • Measure absorbance and refractive index
  • Cuvette reusable up to 50 times depending on sample
  • No need for dilution or sample preparation
  • Can do both high sample volume (3 mL) or low sample volume (down to 0.5 μL)

What is the value for me with this solution? Enhanced efficiency and accuracy in liquid analysis, reducing the need for additional micro-volume instruments, resulting in cost savings and faster results. Typically, you can buy NanoCuvette™ One on a recurring basis and use it daily for a minimum of 4 years before having spent the same money as buying a micro-volume instrument. Expands the capabilities of UV-Vis spectrophotometers, enabling the measurement of small volumes and colorless reactions.


Author(s): EMIHO, VIASH

Page last updated May 2023.