Shimadzu UV-1800

The Shimadzu UV-1800 UV-Vis spectrophotometer is one of the most sold instruments to date and includes high resolution, compact design and user friendly access to data. Read more about the instrument here.


Shimadzu UV-1800 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

Specifications of the Shimadzu UV-1800: 


Table: Shimadzu UV-1800 specification
Full Name: Shimadzu UV-1800
Brand: Shimadzu
Model: UV-1800
Type: Scanning
Beam Z height (nm): 15
Min (nm): 190
Max (nm): 1100
Minimum spectral bandwidth (nm): 1
Wavelength accuracy (nm): 0.1
Wavelength reproducibility (nm): 0.1
Max scanning speed (nm): 3000
Connectivity interface: USB
NanoCuvette™ One compatible:  Yes
SpectroLink™ compatible: Yes
SpectroWorks™ compatible: Yes

Shimadzu UV-1800 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

Shimadzu is a leader in the development of advanced technologies, which clearly comes to expression in the Shimadzu UV-1800 spectrophotometer. The most important features of UV-1800 include high resolution, compact design and user friendly access to data. The UV-1800 spectrophotometer is equipped with various measurement modes including photometric, spectrum, kinetics, time-scan, quantitation, multi-component quantification and biomethod. The advanced features and various measurement modes make the UV-1800 ideal for many applications.




Watch the video below for a guide to the UV-1800.


Features of the UV-1800 include:

  • High Resolution
    The UV-1800 achieves a resolution of 1 nm, which is the highest level of wavelength resolution in its class.

  • Compact and Space Saving Design
    The UV-1800 is only 450 mm wide and 490 mm deep making it one of the most compact instruments in its class.

  • User Friendly Access to Data
    The UV-1800 features a USB port. The instrument can therefore be controlled with a PC. 


Shimadzu UV-1800 with high resolution

The UV-1800 achieves a resolution of 1 nm, which at the same time is the highest level of wavelength resolution in its class. Additionally a spectroscope with a Czerny-Turner mounting can be used in order to get a compact, bright optical system. Furthermore, wavelength repeatability, stray light and baseline stability have also been optimized in order to meet user requirements.

Because of these features, the UV-1800 has no problems with satisfying the standards of wavelength resolution demanded by the Japanese- and European Pharmacopoeia.




Shimadzu UV-1800 with a compact design

The UV-1800 is one of the most compact instruments in its class. The UV-1800 design has been optimized in relation to width and depth. Therefore, the UV-1800 is only 450 mm wide and 490 mm deep, allowing installation in tight spaces. The space saving design of UV-1800 makes the instrument ideal for even small laboratories.




Shimadzu UV-1800 with user friendly access to data

The UV-1800 features a USB port, allowing for connection of USB memory directly to the instrument. By using the UVProbe software it is possible for the user to control the UV-1800 with a PC. (A USB cable is required for connecting UV-1800 to a PC.)

Furthermore, data for spectra and time-course curves can be displayed and saved with commercial spreadsheet software. The user can also choose to print from a printer that supports PCL control codes.




Shimadzu UV-1800 compared to other instruments

Even though the UV-1800 maintains some features of older Shimadzu instruments, it is still a major upgrade from previous models. In comparison with Shimadzu UV-1700 UV-Vis, the setting space has decreased by about 15% and the width has narrowed by about 20%. Furthermore, Shimadzu UV-1800 restricts stray light to half that of the Shimadzu UV-1700. In addition, a brighter optical system reduces the noise level to 25% of the Shimadzu UV-1700. The Shimadzu UV-1800 is therefore more accurate than the Shimadzu UV-1700.

The UV-1800 is not only a huge upgrade from previous Shimadzu instruments, as it also beats its competitors on several parameters. The Shimadzu UV-1800 is more accurate than both Analytik Jena Spekol 2000 UV-Vis and Jenway 6550 UV-Vis.




Features of the UV-1800 compared to other instruments include:

    Shimadzu UV-1800 versus Analytik Jena Spekol 2000 UV-Vis

    • The Shimadzu UV-1800 is more accurate than Analytik Jena Spekol 2000 UV-Vis.

    Shimadzu UV-1800 versus Jenway 6850 UV-Vis

    • The Shimadzu UV-1800 is more accurate than Jenway 6850 UV-Vis. 


    Shimadzu UV-1800 with NanoCuvette™ One, SpectroLink™,  and SpectroWorks™

    The NanoCuvette™ One is a cuvette that can be used for measuring both refractive index and absorbance using a spectrophotometer.

    The Shimadzu UV-1800 features a 15 mm beam height and a minimum spectral bandwidth of 1 nm, making the instrument compatible with our NanoCuvette™ One.


    The compatibility of Shimadzu UV-1800 with our products


    With our NanoCuvette™ One your Shimadzu UV-1800 will be able to measure 2 mL / 0.5 µL samples via refractive index for QC and kinetics. You can find a recording here showing how to perform a measurement with NanoCuvette™ One



    In addition to NanoCuvette™ One, you can use SpectroLink™ for simplifying your spectrophotometer workflow to a three step process allowing you to quickly acquire, analyze and extract results. In this way, you don't have to waste more time on trouble with file formats, data transfer or sharing results.

    Together with SpectroWorks™ (the modern approach to spectrophotometry and label-free analysis), SpectroLink™ solves this problem by effortlessly connecting instruments to you browser and analyzing the data.
    SpectroWorks™ comes free of charge with every NanoCuvette™ or SpectroLink™ purchase. 

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