Do you have a short product guide for SpectroLink™?

SpectroLink™: Electronic device that connects to spectrophotometers for seamless instrument control, data management and analysis.


Description: SpectroLink™ replaces traditional thermo printers, allowing for quick and efficient digital collection of results.

Is it relevant for me? You work with a UV-Vis spectrophotometer and spend significant time on lab measurements, teaching, or data analysis.

What are relevant topics? Cumbersome data handling, analysis, and sharing.

Where is this applicable? Academia, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food, materials science, academic research.

What could be current challenges I am facing in the lab?

  • Do you currently face challenges with data management and analysis in your spectrophotometry work?
  • Are you interested in a seamless solution for data handling and analysis?
  • Would you like to increase productivity by simplifying data management?

Why should I investigate this solution?

  • Efficient and simplified data management and analysis.
  • Real-time instrument control, data upload, and sharing.
  • Automatic software updates.

Can you provide some customer examples?

  • Customer that needed to use different brands of UV-Vis spectrophotometers in the same lab and wanted one software solution for all of them.
  • Customer that needed to save time and manual typing by upgrading from printing out results using a thermo printer to a digital workflow.
  • Customer that needed to control a fleet of UV-Vis instruments in an easy way and save same time on installation, maintenance, and keeping software up to date on multiple computers.

What are the key features?

  • Plug-and-play control of existing spectrophotometers without software installation
  • Real-time instrument control, data upload, and sharing.
  • Over-the-air (OTA) automatic software updates included in purchase of SpectroLink™

What is the value for me with this solution? Efficient and simplified instrument control, data management and analysis, saving time and increasing productivity, allowing researchers and lab users to focus on their core work. Simplifies data collection, analysis, and sharing, making it easier to collaborate with colleagues and get the most out of measurements.


Author(s): EMIHO, VIASH

Page last updated May 2023.