SpectroLink™ security

SpectroLink™ utilizes WSS for secure communication, while also encrypting data at rest, ensuring comprehensive data protection for UV-VIS spectrophotometer workflows.

SpectroLink™ simplifies UV-VIS spectrophotometer workflows by integrating with our browser-based cloud platform SpectroWorks™. Ensuring comprehensive data security is crucial when dealing with sensitive information. The WebSocket Secure (WSS) protocol is used to achieve both fast and secure communication.

WSS is a secure version of the WebSocket protocol (WS) that facilitates real-time, bidirectional communication between clients and servers. By implementing SSL/TLS encryption, WSS ensures the confidentiality and integrity of transmitted data, safeguarding it from unauthorized access and tampering.

In the context of SpectroLink™, WSS enables secure remote control of spectrophotometer instruments, allowing users to manage their devices from anywhere using SpectroWorks™. By leveraging WSS's low-latency communication capabilities, SpectroLink™ provides a responsive and seamless user experience during remote operation, without compromising security.

With WSS's advanced encryption and robust defense mechanisms, users can confidently use SpectroLink™ to operate their instruments remotely, knowing that data security and integrity are maintained.

Furthermore, the data acquired with SpectroLink™ can be securely stored on our databases using 256-bit AES encryption. This ensures that sensitive information remains secure even when not in active use.