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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Find the most common questions and answers to SpectroWorks™

Updated: 2023-06-19. Author(s): VINIR


What can you do with SpectroWorks™?

SpectroWorks™ enables you to do different things. It is an all-in-one laboratory software in the cloud. Anywhere in the world with a web browser supported device with internet access. With SpectroWorks™ you can choose between many analysis parameters (results), perform spectrum analysis, save the results, and export for further analysis or application building. 

Which features does SpectroWorks™ include to enhance the performance of a spectrophotometer?

SpectroWorks™ includes advanced instrument light simulations for better performance across many spectrophotometers and has a built-in reporting tool with exporting abilities to keep track of your work. You can easily share the data to spreadsheets and electronic lab notebooks like Google Colab for further analysis and custom applications. 

What is the purpose of the Basic Cuvette workflow in SpectroWorks™?

The Basic Cuvette workflow allows for the analysis of all standard UV-Vis measurements for all types of plastic, glass, or quartz cuvettes.

What functionalities do NanoCuvette™ One and NanoCuvette™ S provide?

NanoCuvette™ One enables UV-Vis spectrophotometers to measure protein and enzyme concentrations and kinetics via refractive index down to 0.5 µL. NanoCuvette™ S enables UV-Vis spectrophotometers to measure particle and cell size distributions for 100 µL samples.

How reliable is SpectroWorks™ as a tool for the analytical laboratory?

SpectroWorks™ is incredibly reliable for the analytical laboratory. SpectroWorks™ is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and at cphnano, we trust AWS for hosting our web application due to its exceptional reliability. It provides high uptime due to its robust global infrastructure, ensuring our service is always available to customers. The scalability allows us to adjust resources as per demand, maintaining optimal performance. Furthermore, we remain confident with AWS's extensive security measures that keep our data secure, along with its resilient data backup systems. AWS's consistent updates strengthen our confidence in the platform's long-term reliability.

Is SpectroWorks™ safe and secure?

Yes, all your data is handled securely and confidentially via proven and reliable security protocols. 

Can SpectroWorks™ be used on all devices?

Yes, SpectroWorks™ is designed to be easy to use on all devices with a web browser. It uses a simple drag-and-drop mechanism to perform UV-Vis analysis. It is recommended to use a tablet sized screen or bigger.

What unique features does SpectroWorks™ offer post-analysis?

After analysis, results can be exported in spreadsheet format or interfaced with other platforms using API-keys. It also corrects for optical path and cuvette misalignments by accessing 200 million calibration points.

How does SpectroWorks™ display the findings from a measurement flow?

SpectroWorks™ elegantly displays the findings from a measurement flow in a summary window that includes information about the experiment setup used, results from the flow, and a plot area with various plots from the flow.

Does cphnano offer custom data solutions for customers?

If there's something specific that you need for your application, cphnano offers to make a custom notebook as a consultancy service - request a solution here. We are constantly adding more templates for various applications and use cases.

How can customers learn more about the possibilities and upgrades for their specific application with SpectroWorks™?

cphnano encourages customers to contact them to learn more about the possibilities and how they can upgrade their workflow for a specific application. For custom data solutions for your application see here. To see how our NanoCuvette™ Series can help you, visit our website cphnano.com.

What equipment do I need to use SpectroWorks™?

To use SpectroWorks™ you simply need a computer with internet access and your spectrophotometer.

Learn more about SpectroWorks™ here. 

How to sign up or log in to SpectroWorks™?

Sign up or log in to SpectroWorks™ here. For signing up, click "Sign up" below the input fields.

How many calibration points does SpectroWorks™ access?

SpectroWorks™ automatically analyses the spectrum, corrects for optical path and cuvette misalignments by accessing 200 million calibration points. 

What is the analysis time when using SpectroWorks™?

The analysis time can be as fast as 5 seconds but can in some instances take a few seconds more. 

Does SpectroWorks™ support older spectrophotometers?

Yes. SpectroWorks™ works with your existing UV-Vis spectrophotometer as long as it capable of doing measurements on a standard cuvette. 

Does SpectroWorks™ include instrument light simulations?

Yes, SpectroWorks™ includes instrument light simulations for better performance and easy sharing of data with spreadsheets, electronic lab notebooks, python etc. 


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