Get started with NanoCuvette™ S

New to NanoCuvette™ S? Here is a quick guide for accurate size and concentration determination by upgrading your UV-Vis spectrophotometer for particle size analysis (PSA).

The NanoCuvette™️™ S is an excellent and affordable improvement for laboratory workflows that instantly upgrades any cuvette-based UV-Vis spectrophotometer to quantify particle sizes and concentrations.

With NanoCuvette™️™ S, particles and biological cells can be quantified in seconds with enhanced sensitivity, reliability, and reproducibility.

BLEN_20210812_nanocuvette_s_microcuvetteEmbedded in the surface is a patented optical technology that register light scattering such that it measure particle sizes. Together with the user-friendly software SpectroWorks™™️ this makes possible to calculate concentrations and other results relevant to your experiments. 

How to start using NanoCuvette™ S in five easy steps

  1. Acquire a NanoCuvette™ S box via one of our distributors. Ask for a quote or see our full list of distributors and countries here
  2. Turn on your cuvette-based UV-Vis spectrophotometer, perform initialization and wait for the instrument to warm up for about 30 min. On overview of +400 supported UV-Vis spectrophotometers can be found here.
  3. Go to This will open SpectroWorks™ in your browser.
  4. On the SpectroWorks log-in screen, click on "Sign up" next to "Need an account?" and fill out your profile information. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the provided e-mail address to validate your user profile.
  5. Log into SpectroWorks™ with your user profile. Create a new project, select NanoCuvette™ S workflow, type in the box code and follow the instructions on the screen. Cuvette measurements and data processing can be done in less than a minute.

More information can be found in the Step-by-step video guide for SpectroWorks™.