How to use NanoCuvette™ One with SpectroWorks™?

Here you can read more about the steps needed to use SpectroWorks™ with NanoCuvette™ One.

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 Prepare for measurement 



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Step 1 - Start

Step 1.1: Create project and measurement


Create a new project and choose your desired results




Go to the Create tab to start a measurement 






Step 1 - Start

Step 1.2: Enter box code


Find the box code at the bottom of your NanoCuvette™ box






Step 1 - Start

Step 1.3: Select NanoCuvette™ in box


Pick a NanoCuvette™ in the box and select it by clicking the corresponding number on the screen. 






Step 2 - Reference

Step 2.1: Acquire reference B-side spectrum


  • Carefully dispense DI- water into the NanoCuvette™.
  • Place the NanoCuvette™ in the cuvette holder of your spectrophotometer with the B- side (side with the optical filter) facing the light source. 
  • Acquire the reference B- side spectrum with your spectrophotometer. The scanning interval should include 550 - 800 nm. For best results use the highest possible scanning resolution. The software supports up to 4500 data points per spectrum. 
  • Save the measurements as .txt or .csv file. 



Step 2 - Reference

2.2: Upload reference spectrum


  • Upload your reference spectrum by dragging the file onto the blue box or clicking on it and choosing your file. 
  • Once uploaded, the reference spectrum for DI- water will be shown. Click "Next" to fit the software model to your reference spectrum.  




Step 2 - Reference

Step 2.3: Check reference quality


  • The reference spectrum is acceptable if the fit quality is above 75%. If the quality is lower, try the following and then acquire a new reference spectrum:
  • Ensure that the NanoCuvette™ is placed in the instrument with the optical filter facing the light source
  • Ensure that the height of the light path of your spectrophotometer is between 8.5 mm - 15 mm.
  • Try another unused 





Step 3 - Sample

3.1: Acquire sample B- side spectrum



Remember to acquire the spectrum using the same settings as in step 3


Dispose the DI- water from the NanoCuvette™ and carefully dispense your sample into the NanoCuvette™. Acquire the spectrum through your NanoCuvette™ with the B- side facing the light source. Save and upload the spectrum. Click "Next" to fit to the software model.






Step 3 - Sample

3.2 Acquire sample A- side spectrum



Keep your sample in your NanoCuvette™ 90 degrees such that the optical filter is not in the light path. Acquire the spectrum through your NanoCuvette™ with the A- side facing  the light source. Save and upload the spectrum. 








Step 4 - Finish

Step 4.1: View and export results 


View your experiment setup, spectra and results. It is also possible for you to type in your sample attributes and  notes, for you to easily compare experiments and print a report. The spectra can be exported by clicking the "Export" button. 








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