Shimadzu UV-Vis instruments

Founded in Kyoto 1875, Shimadzu has been supplying products to customers for over 145 years. Today, Shimadzu is a global manufacturer and leader in the development of advanced technologies, including UV-Vis spectrophotometers.


Shimadzu within spectrophotometry

“Contributing to Society through Science and Technology” defines the corporate philosophy of Shimadzu. Founded in Kyoto 1875, Shimadzu has been supplying products to customers for over 145 years. Today, Shimadzu is a global manufacturer and leader in the development of advanced technologies and has been developing UV-Vis spectrophotometers for more than 60 years.

One of the most popular spectrophotometers from Shimadzu is the UV-1800 which satisfies the standards of wavelength resolution demanded by both the Japanese- and European Pharmacopoeia (official standards for quality control of medicines).

In 2018 Shimadzu celebrated its 50th anniversary of its presence in Europe by realising the UV-1900 model, a spectrophotometer futuring the fastest level scan function of the industry. As if this wasn’t enough, the UV-2600 was introduced a few years later, extending the wavelength range to 1400 nm.


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The following pages contain a quick review of the different Shimadzu instruments. Click on the links on each instrument to learn more about it:


  • Shimadzu UV-1280
    The Shimadzu UV-1280 is a low-budget, high-quality spectrophotometer that is suitable for many different applications, including routine environmental and food quality testing to life science analyses.

  • Shimadzu UV-1800
    The Shimadzu UV-1800 spectrophotometer is one of the most sold instruments to date and includes high resolution, compact design and user friendly access to data.

  • Shimadzu UV-1900
    The advanced features of the Shimadzu UV-1900 include great performance, usability and regulatory compliance.

  • Shimadzu UV-2600
    A key feature of the Shimadzu UV-2600 is the ability to perform wavelength measurements up to 1400 nm.

  • Shimadzu UV-2700
    Shimadzu UV-2700 is ideal for measuring samples which cannot be thinly sliced, diluted or subjected to other pretreatment procedures.

  • Shimadzu UV-3600
    Shimadzu UV-3600 is a high sensitivity, high resolution, and ultra-low stray-light spectrophotometer that features the latest technology, and lead the way to new solutions.

  • Shimadzu SolidSpec-3700
    Shimadzu SolidSpec-3700 features a high sensitivity, wide wavelength range, and large sample compartment. 

  • Shimadzu BioSpec-nano

    The Shimadzu BioSpec-nano is a low-maintenance micro-volume spectrophotometer that has been designed for molecular research and life science laboratories.


Some of the Shimadzu instruments are presented in the following:

Shimadzu UV-1900

The Shimadzu UV-1900  is equipped with an ultrafast scan function that enables data acquisition as fast as 29.000 nm/min. The Shimadzu UV-1900  patented Low-Ray-Ligh® diffraction grating technology ensures low stray light with high resolution. The Shimadzu UV-1900  spectrophotometer can connect with Shimadzu’s analysis data management systems (LabSolutions), our SpectroWorks™, and NanoCuvette™ One (15 mm beam height).

The technically advanced features of Shimadzu UV-1900  improve performance, usability and regulatory compliance, making Shimadzu UV-1900  ideal for analysis within several fields, including foods, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, and electronics applications.



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Shimadzu UV-1800

The most important features of Shimadzu UV-1800 include high resolution, compact design and user friendly data access. The Shimadzu UV-1800 spectrophotometer is equipped with various measurement modes including photometric, spectrum, kinetics, time-scan, quantitation, multi-component quantification and biomethod. The advanced features and various measurement modes make the Shimadzu UV-1800 ideal for many applications.




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Shimadzu UV-2600

The Shimadzu UV-2600 spectrophotometer has been developed for a wide range of research tasks. Therefore, the user can easily expand the instrument in order to suit the measurement objective. The Shimadzu UV-2600 achieves the lowest stray light in its class and allows the user to analyze samples with organic and inorganic compounds, biological samples, optical materials and photovoltaics. The most important feature of Shimadzu UV-2600 is the ability to perform wavelength measurements up to 1400 nm. The Shimadzu UV-2600 is not only unique in terms of performance, as it has also been shown that the Shimadzu UV-2600 is more environmentally friendly than conventional models. All these features are presented in a compact, and space-saving design, with an easy-to-use software.




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Our relationship with Shimadzu 

We have entered a new collaboration with University College Copenhagen and Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Denmark. University College Copenhagen is one of the largest higher education institutions in Denmark with more than 20000 students and Shimadzu is one of the world leaders within UV-Vis instrumentation. 

The tree-year collaboration upgrades teachers and students at the laboratory eductions in using the new flagship UV-1900i from Shimadzu together with NanoCuvette™ One (0.5 μL concentrations/kinetics) and NanoCuvette™ S (particle size distributions). 




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