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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Find the most common questions and answers to SpectroLink™

Updated: 2023-06-26, Author(s): VINIR

If you are new to SpectroLink™, it is recommended to check out the user manual first.


Where is SpectroLink™ made?

SpectroLink™ is made in Denmark, manufactured under the highest quality standards in-house at our facilities in Farum just north of Copenhagen.

What can you do with SpectroLink™?

Together with the cloud software SpectroWorks™, SpectroLink™ allows you to control your UV-Vis instruments via any device with a web browser by essentially eliminating the need for complex, costly and often platform dependent software. SpectroLink™ simply streams the data so you can achieve reliable insight easier and faster, replacing the traditional thermo printer or USB drive. 

Is SpectroLink™ easy to use?

Using SpectroLink™ is a seamless experience with SpectroWorks™. It is the most direct way to control, acquire and analyze results instantly without manually moving data between an UV-instrument and a computer. SpectroWorks™ guides the user through the measurement workflow and can be used by anyone without needing any prior training. SpectroLink™ stays up to date with new features and improvements by over-the-air updates. 

Is it safe to use SpectroLink™?

Yes, all your data is handled securely and confidentially via proven and reliable security protocols.

How many years of data are guaranteed with SpectroLink™?

SpectroLink™ includes 5 years of free smart connectivity to your instrument.

How does SpectroLink™ simplify my spectrophotometer workflow?

SpectroLink™ simplifies your spectrophotometer workflow to a three step process allowing you to quickly acquire, analyze and extract results. 

The current industry standard approach to read data from a UV-Vis spectrophotometer is to print the data, transfer it with a USB-drive or read off a number at a time directly from the display or thermo printer. This mean datasets are often limited to only single or few wavelengths - not full-spectrum - making it very hard to do both quick and sophisticated analysis.

SpectroLink™ goes beyond the manual steps by providing direct control of your UV-Vis instrument for acquiring, analyzing and extracting the results via our user-centered cloud software, SpectroWorks™. 

How do you use SpectroLink™?

Please refer to our Getting started area if you are new to SpectroLink™. We highly recommend checking out our user manual to get a smooth start. If you have issues, visit our troubleshooting page or submit a support ticket to us. 

How can you control your instrument and acquire data?

SpectroLink™ can be controlled either wireless via WiFi or through a cabled ethernet connection. To control your instrument and acquires data use any web-browser compatible device and access your data from anywhere. Having multiple SpectroLink™ devices connected to more instruments will also allow you to easily manage a fleet of UV-Vis instruments across multiple sites and quickly change between UV-Vis instruments in validation studies.

Does SpectroLink™ require any installation?

No installation required. All major UV-VIS spectrophotometer brands supported seamlessly out of the box. See our currently supported instruments here. If you'd like to see your UV-Vis instrument supported by SpectroLink™ - please contact us by submitting a support ticket here.