Quickstart Guide

Few quick steps to get started with your SpectroLink™

Updated: 2023-06-28, Author(s): VINIR

Follow steps 1-4 to get started

It is important to follow the steps in this specific order.

  1. Plug in an ethernet cable to SpectroLink and to an network enabled interface like an access point, wall port etc. 
    1. For setting up WiFi, follow this guide and come back for step 3. (https://knowledge.cphnano.com/en/pages/setup-wifi-via-usb)
  2. Connect the included USB cable to your SpectroLink™and to the included poweradapter. Plug in the power adapter to a powered outlet to turn the SpectroLink™ on.
  3. Connect a type B USB cable to your spectrophotometer and the other end to your SpectroLink™. Enable USB mode on the instrument if necessary.
  4. Access app.spectroworks.com, sign in, create/select a project, then click on the “SpectroLink™” tab. Click “+ Add” to register your device. Enter the device code located on the bottom of your SpectroLink™. Once added, it should appear on the registered device list. Click "Connect" to access the SpectroLink™ dashboard. Your SpectroLink™ is now ready for use!

DEPRECATED: WiFi setup via smartphone app

We have deprecated this approach to WiFi setup due to inconsistent behaviour on the BerryLan App regarding the Bluetooth discovery phase of SpectroLink™.  However, this feature is still present in all SpectroLink™ devices and customers are welcome to try. For the default approach, refer to our guide for how to set it up via a USB drive.

The following is the procedure for setting up WiFi via the BerryLan App:

  1. Install the BerryLan WiFi connect app to your Android or iOS based device.
  2. Access the app and follow the instructions for setting up the WiFi on your SpectroLink™.
  3. Your SpectroLink™ will appear as “CPHNANO” on your iOS or Android device after 1 minute from powering it on.
  4. Click on "CPHNANO", fill out your SSID and Password. Once filled out, proceed. 
  5. If the correct WiFi credentials have been entered your SpectroLink™ should now be online. 


For more extensive documentation head over to our user manual: https://spectrolink.cphnano.com/user-manual