Sample data to try SpectroWorks™

Become familiar with SpectroWorks™ by using some sample data for NanoCuvette.

Before Find the user guide for SpectroWorks™ here.

Sign up and log into SpectroWorks™ here.

Data sets 

Download one or more data sets. If you are not familiar with SpectroWorks™, you can refer to this guide for NanoCuvette™ One. The data sets have different file formats to show that SpectroWorks™ can read most file formats. If you have problems with loading your file, contact us by submitting a ticket.

After creating or selecting a current project with your preferred result parameters, go to create and select the NanoCuvette™ One box. The the measurement set up, use the box code “TESTER” and cuvette no. “01”, “02” and “03” depending on the data set:

TESTER-01 Shimadzu UV-1800 Shimadzu SPC (.spc) Honey
TESTER-02 OceanOptics USB650UV Text file (.txt) Brilliant Blue 25%
TESTER-03 Shimadzu UV-1800 Comma-sep. values (.csv) Starch in saliva