What is SpectroWorks™?

SpectroWorks™ is a modern software platform for spectrophotometry, particle size analysis and label-free analysis. Read more about it here.

Updated: 2023-06-20, author(s): VINIR, EMIHO

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Introduction to SpectroWorks™

SpectroWorks™ is a software platform for spectrophotometry, particle size analysis and label-free analysis that automatically analyses UV-Vis spectra, corrects for optical path and cuvette misalignments by accessing 200 million calibration points.

The result is extended lab analysis across thousands of UV-Vis spectrophotometers with reporting tools and advanced data processing services via API. All this happens via your web browser from anywhere in the world. No need for installing proprietary platform dependent software anymore. ILLU_20211104_Photorealistic_Devices_142732679_SpectroWorks_2084×1355px

Reliable, safe and secure software for your lab analysis

SpectroWorks™ is a reliable software tool for the analytical laboratory. SpectroWorks™ effortlessly analyses the data, so you can focus on the work. Our software is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) - see here about why we picked AWS and our FAQ for the specific reliability, safety and security aspects.

SpectroWorks™ and the NanoCuvette™ Series

Our NanoCuvette™ Series enable you to use your spectrophotometer in completely new ways. SpectroWorks™ utilizes a powerful analysis model that gives you an extensive suite of parameters to analyse for due to a patented optical filter incorporated into the NanoCuvettes™. 
  • NanoCuvette™ One (Opens website page) enables UV-Vis spectrophotometers to measure protein and enzyme concentrations and kinetics via refractive index down to 0.5 µL. See its Knowledge Base page here
  • NanoCuvette™ S (Opens website page) enables UV-Vis spectrophotometers to measure particle and cell size distributions. See its Knowledge Base page here.
With SpectroWorks™, you can seamlessly work with the results of your upgraded analysis and compute results not previously available within absorbance spectroscopy. Data analysis has never been easier.

Greatly improve your workflow with SpectroLink™ in SpectroWorks™

SpectroLink™ (Opens website page) is made for SpectroWorks™ and provides the most direct way to capture Spectra from a supported spectrophotometers into SpectroWorks™ securely. No need for thermal printers or small USB drives to drag and drop files from a spectrophotometer to a computer for analyzing the data.

Everything from capturing spectra, the analysis and reporting is handled in SpectroWorks™. Click here to see it's Knowledge Base page.

SpectroWorks™: the lab workhorse of the future

With NanoCuvette™ One, NanoCuvette™ S and SpectroLink™ - SpectroWorks™ upgrade just about any UV-Vis spectrophotometer to measure absorbing/non-absorbing samples down to 0.5 μL. Proteins, enzymes, kinetics and QC etc. can now be quantified label-free in small volumes with existing UV-Vis instruments. A few of key benefits:

  • Automated spectrum analysis. Measurements is compared to our database with millions of calibration points.
  • Large cloud data storage. Thousands of measurements are kept safe for future analysis.
  • Easy export of results and graphs. One-click export for use in presentations and further analysis.
  • High security with modern web standards. Compliance by the latest symmetric and asymmetric encryption technologies.
  • Updated continuously. SpectroWorks™ is updated regularly with new features, better performance and bug fixes.
  • Accessible anywhere and ready to use. A safe option with optional two-factor user authorization.
  • No installation besides a web browser*. No more drivers on CD’s and USB-drives.
  • Made in Denmark. We take great pride in building products you can trust.